The mobile swiss-army knife rescue app.


client First Secure
cat UX,UI,Digital

This project was something we took immense pride in assisting with. Hearing of all the sad stories that happen to victims in the world through attacks, accidents and misfortunate events lead you to feel like making a difference.

putting safety within arms reach at all times

Creating the iSurvive mobile app was more than just a fancy looking design that had some amazing tools for the user, we needed to craft an efficient user interface that was friendly across many different users of all ages and abilities.

The project began with understanding the overall objective of the app, which was to quickly assist the user in the situation of emergency, whether this be accident, attack, loss of direction or need of none-GPS related survival. All the tools for this app needed to be clearly seen and easy to access.

When we developed the main interface design, we ensured that the user could flip between each of the tools in the app with ease using the lower-dock menu icons.

what they said

"awesome.’s creativity was essential in achieving what we wanted with the iSurvive personal rescue app. Their multi-disciplined approach across branding, design and into UX and UI development is exactly what was required for this complex project, enabling them to see the full picture and extract maximum value from the brief.

The team quickly earned our trust and took ownership of what they needed to, delivering what they promised, but exceeding expectations. We continue to enjoy working with awesome. which is the highest compliment we can pay."

Tom Hunt, Founder of First Secure Ltd

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