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surrounded with love and care.

the rainbow group

client Barnsley Hospital
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The Rainbow Group provide an incredible support service for families who sadly experience child loss after birth. The Rainbow Room is a private space on the maternity wing where parents can receive the appropriate support and recovery time. Our creative partnership with Barnsley Hospital Charity allowed us to help the Rainbow Group develop an identity that reflected their work and support with families in need, and creating a comforting atmosphere to help people through the darkest of times.

creating a place to support those in need.

The Rainbow Group's mission was to create a supportive and caring brand that parent's were able to find comfort in. This was to be replicated in the Rainbow Room environment, allowing visitors of the room know that they are not alone in a time of darkness.

Our brand identity was inspired by an empty heart surrounded by love and care - we were cautious of not sending out the wrong message and appearing negative, the brand is to encourage those in need to take the support available to help them through their experience.

We took the branding and applied this to elements of the Rainbow Room and Events around the Rainbow Group, to create a blessing profile that many could support. From bunting displays in the room to memorial service booklets, everything in relation to the group had a supportive and caring continuity which made those receiving help form the Rainbow Group know they were in the right place to help through and beyond losing their child.

what they said

"We have been provided with some amazing items for the Rainbow Group and the Rainbow Room at Barnsley hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Working with awesome. has helped produce items that enhance the image of the Rainbow Room and shows families who need to use the room that they are not alone. awesome. had the vision to reproduce baby hand and foot prints and to make them into a string of bunting that now hangs on the wall and can be added to, every parent that has seen it is moved by it’s simplistic but powerful message. The team also had the insight to utilise the “leaves” and “petals” with baby names written on them, that have been saved from our annual Memorial service, and have mounted them in frames in order that they can be saved and remind families of their attendance at the service.

The branding and identity helps to bond together families who recognise it and it’s significance. We now use these designs as background on a variety of leaflets, certificates and our order of service booklet as well as mugs.

We have been presented with great ideas and awesome. have put them into action to really enhance information around the sad events that lead to families to become aware of the fact that they are not in isolation.

All this work has been done charitably by Dan (Director) and I thank him on behalf of the Rainbow Room, Rainbow Group and the Maternity Unit at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and know that if I need anything at any time I can contact him and the awesome. team with a thought and from that they will develop, design and produce something truly “awesome”"

Cath Jones, Bereavement Midwife

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