rainbow dash 2016

The only way to promote a rainbow dash event is to throw paint at each other... surely?!?

rainbow dash 2016

client Barnsley Hospital Charity
cat Content

Barnsley Hospital Charity carries out annual events to raise money for their sub-charity pots in the most exciting, fun ways possible. Their Rainbow Dash event each year allows it's attendees to cover themselves in right colours, run 5k and raise great amounts of money for charity. We were lucky enough to help promote this event by throwing paint at each other ahead of the event.

using positive energy to create positive results.

After reviewing previous marketing content for this event, we felt that the mood and experience of this fundraiser wasn't showcased to it's full potential. We stripped back the execution of what we would capture, and gathered families connected with the charity to share a positive message with the wider audience and that this event was nothing more than a fun day out with the family and friends which impacted the lives of those in need.

It was a blessing to be able to capture the footage that we got this day - it was 100% genuine fun and enjoyment. It just goes to show that something as simple as being smothered in paint powder can attract a large following a raise an incredible amount of money for charity. It's amazing!

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