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Being presented with the challenge of branding a new eco-friendly company is one exciting thing, but to work with one that rewards people who join their mission to be eco-friendly superheroes with the local businesses around them is another.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, Vouchercup!

eco-friendly, money-saving superheroes at the ready!

The team behind Vouchercup had a clear story to be shared with their target market; ditch plastic, get discounts, save money.

We loved the purpose around this key message and this helped us develop a brand and communciation outcome that the customers are to be associated with. The identity design was established by blending the visual presence of Vouchercups branded reusable cup and a rewards banner, in order to quickly communicate their purpose. We worked on injecting branded visuals and illustrations which were influenced by the liquid contents of the cup and the wave of impact that being a vouchercup customer and partner created. To back this up, we worked on a fresh tone of voice and communication approach which allowed vouchercup to reach out directly to their target demographic.

The next phase was to bring in new merchant partners which we approached using direct marketing for the VC team to use in their connections with the local businesses wishing to take a new approach to creating new customers with a positive-difference. We backed this with a custoemr direct mail campaign to start creating the buzz. The objective - everyone be a winner for something making a great difference to our planet!

The final piece of the jogsaw was to create a digital environment that allowed custoemrs to learn the purpose and sign up to a new amazing service, whislt allowing new partners to conenct and be a part of the new era of customer rewards and eco-friendly business impact.

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